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Debt Review

Debt Review - Personal Loans

Personal Loans

We provide an opportunity for Blacklisted Clients or Clients who are under Debt Review to clear/remove Blacklisting or Debt Review Flag listed against their names respectively. This opportunity is unique in a sense that Clients can now access Finance through our In-House Finance when we clear/remove Blacklisting or Debt Review Flag. 

However, clients need to register and become Members before the clearing/removing processes could be initiated.

So if you are Under Debt Review and ready to become a Member......Please Click Here and Fill-in our short Online Form

If Blacklisted and ready to become a Member.....Please Click Here and Fill-in our short Online Form



  • Provide Personal Loans when we clear Debt Review.
  • Provide Personal Loans when we clear Blacklisting
  • Handle your Creditors and/or Collectors on your Behalf
  • Stop Repossession of your Property (i.e. Vehicle or Home)
  • Legally resolve your Credit and/or Debt related disputes.
  • Become Credit Worthy during the course of the Plan.

Members Only

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We are not a Debt Review Agency, Debt Resolution Agency, Alternative Dispute Resolution Agency or Debt Mediation Agency (or any other related name). However we do work closely (as partners and/or associates) with Legal expects, Investors and Accounting Professionals in providing the relevant assistance (i.e. Legal Services, Finance etc) to our Members.

We are not a Credit Provider no are we registered as such. However, through our In-House Finance, we do provide financial assistance to our Members. 


Therefore, if you are not yet a Member and looking for Finance, please approach any Registered Credit Provider or Financial Institution (i.e. Banks) and apply. and should your application  be declined because of Blacklisting and/or Debt Review then you can come back or Contact Us to assist you further.